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Dell Unveils UltraSharp U3417W: Makes Its Curved Display More Curved

Dell Unveils UltraSharp U3417W: Makes Its Curved Display More Curved

Dell has unveiled its new top-of-the-range 34" curved watchdog for consumers. The new UltraSharp U3417W demonstration has the same WHQD resolution as the U3415W introduced a year ago, but increased curvature and a new chassis design. The scanner is aimed chiefly at users who bring about bulky multitasking but do not hope for to install two monitors on their desks. Nowadays, the majority of exhibit makers position their curved monitors primarily for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, thus, trying to cover perfect high fortify rates along with driving freshen proportion technologies like AMD’ s FreeSync or NVIDIA’ s G-Sync. Meanwhile, Dell, quotes IDC’

Liveblog: IT, the cloud, and productivity at Microsoft Ignite 2016 Keynote

(credit: Microsoft) Liveblog starts in: View Liveblog Microsoft's Inflame convention for IT Professionals is in Atlanta, Georgia, all this week, and it kicks off on Monday with a keynote led by Scott Guthrie, Microsoft's Executive Vise Head of the state of Cloud and Enterprise. He'll be joined by cloud marketing executive Julia White, and they'll be talking all matters IT. Windows Server 2016 is vitality launched this week, too, so we'd expect to hear a business or two approximately that. The keynote kicks off at 0900 EDT (2pm UK) on Monday 26 September, and we'll be there to liveblog all the demos and products. Read on Ars Technica | Comments .

Police have arrested the man alleged to have hacked Pippa Middleton s iPhone

British Police hold arrested the 35-year-old human race alleged to retain hacked into an iPhone belonging to Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. The message of the arrest was reported by the BBC. Earlier today, The Sun reported that it had been approached ended WhatsApp by a hacker who claimed to carry 3, 000 images from Middleton"s iCloud balance and want 50, 000 for them. Some of the pictures reportedly included the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, her spouse William the Duke of Cambridge, and their child, Princess Charlotte. The workman was apprehended in Northamptonshire, Great britain and taken into custody. This high-profile photo hack is good the contemporary in a series of relatively advanced instances of security breaches like.

Discrete Desktop GPU Market Trends Q2 2016: AMD Grabs Market Share, But NVIDIA Remains on Top

We're back once again with our periodic series looking at computer hardware market trends, this generation enchanting a gaze at GPU sales for Q2 2016. Broadly speaking, unit sales of discrete desktop graphics cards are traditionally not burly in the second quarter. This year was not an exception, and shipments of video cards nearly hit a multi-year low after dropping by around 20.8% from the previous quarter, according to Jon Peddie Analysis (JPR). During the quarter, AMD managed to slightly correct its shipments and gained market share, whereas NVIDIA’ s sales of desktop discrete GPUs were down in terms of units. Nonetheless, the final still commands the lion’

Consumer group: Microsoft should compensate unhappy Windows 10 upgraders

Enlarge (credit: Rural Learning Center ) British consumer rights bunch Which? isn't identical happy with the plan that Microsoft has handled Windows 10. The assembly says that Microsoft should compensate Windows 10 users for when the upgrade caused downtime due to software or hardware incompatibility, and it needs to accomplish bounteous to effect that Windows users are aware of the customer benefit options that are available to them. This comes after a June survey of Windows users showed that 12 percent of upgraders reverted back to Windows 7 or 8.1, with a majority of those downgraders saying that the upgrade adversely affected their PC. The crowd cited a laundry information of complaints approximately the upgrade, with most of the complaints hot down to compatibility issues.

AMD 7th Gen Bristol Ridge and AM4 Analysis: Up to A12-9800, B350 A320 Chipset, OEMs first, PIBs Later

Over the extreme two weeks, AMD officially launched their 7 th Period Bristol Ridge processors as bright-eyed as the recent AM4 socket and related chipsets. The commence was somewhat muted, as the entity for the initial initiate is purely to the copious operation OEMs and course integrators, such as Lenovo, HP, Dell and others – for users wanting to body their own systems, ‘ Product-in-Box’ units (called PIBs) for self-build systems testament come at the head of the year. We held off on the report due to the open and briefings left a character of questions unanswered as to the latent matrix of configurations, specifications of the hardware and how it all connects together.

Logitech Acquires Saitek Brand and Product Lines, Expands Its Sim Controllers Biz

Logitech this week announced that it has taken over the Saitek trade-mark as blooming as the family of flight and margin simulation game controllers from Distracted Catz for $13 million in cash. The acquisition expands Logitech’ s portfolio of game-specific controllers and could eventually avail the company to inscription the emerging VR gaming market with custom products. Saitek was founded in 1979 as a maker of electronic chess games, but diversified into PC peripherals in the 1990s, focusing on custom controllers for driving and flight simulation games. Over time, the company released its own keyboards, mice and even audio products for PCs, but kept its basic specialization, which are game-specific controllers for diverse simulation titles.

NVIDIA Announces Gears of War 4 Game Bundle for GTX 1080 and 1070

As we enter the AAA blockbuster season and sufferance the avalanche of GPU releases endure us, we are installation to distinguish the ahead game bundles approach. Those considering an upgrade, however conceivably not just satisfied thus far, may scrutinize an enticing action sway them over in these ultimate months. Kicking off this week is a original bundle for high-end cards that will behold Microsoft's upcoming Gears of Hostility 4 bundled with GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080 graphics cards, including album variations thereof. Interestingly, this honour is one of Microsoft's basic AAA "Xbox Play Anywhere" games, which money purchasing (or in this case, receiving) a game allows it to be played on either the Computer or the Xbox One.

LG Announces the 34UC79G: 34-Inch Curved 21:9 Display with 2560 1080 Resolution, 144 Hz Refresh Rate for 700

LG was one of the first suppliers to bring displays with 21:9 aspect ratio to consumers a couple of years ago, and at IFA 2016 the company introduced its new ultra-wide monitor for demanding gamers, the LG 34UC79G. The gaming exhibit offers an alluring combine of features, combining a curved 2560× 1080 panel with brace for AMD’ s FreeSync technology, and a maximum refresh ratio of 144 Hz. Drilling down, the LG UltraWide 34UC79G's differentiating features are clearly meant to be its curved panel and refresh rate, courtesy of a new panel from LG. High refresh scale curved displays have been sporadic up until now, with entries such as Acer's Predator Z35 and ASUS' ROG Swift PG348Q essentially being overclocked versions of older panels.

Dell Introduces UltraSharp UP3017 30-Inch Professional Display with 16:10 Aspect Ratio and DCI-P3 Color Space

Nowadays, the big majority of displays for desktop computers have 16:9 aspect ratio for different reasons (e.g., content, manufacturing aspects, etc.). However, there are a lot of professionals, who groove on taller aspect ratios. Specifically for such humans Dell this week introduced the latest iteration of its venerable line of 30" 16:10 2560× 1600 monitors, with the latest model covering all three color spaces conspicuous for digital content creators. The Dell UltraSharp UP3017 is a 30-inch expo featuring an IPS panel, which can reproduce 1.07 billion colors and covers 99% of the Adobe RGB, sRGB, and DCI-P3 color spaces. The sRGB and the DCI-P3 color spaces are largely substantial for video editors and animation designers, who do post-production work.

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