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Lenovo Launches Legion Branded Gaming Laptops

Lenovo Launches Legion Branded Gaming Laptops

While the PC market has been contracting somewhat in new years, there is still one wrinkle where buyers devoir more and more performance, and that is gaming. Still looking at equitable 1920x1080 as a resolution, even as recently as persist year’ s GTX 980M would not always amble games at that resolution at a solid 60 frames per second. With the start of NVIDIA’ s Pascal for notebooks, that has changed, and Lenovo is announcing today a inexperienced sub-brand committed to gaming. Previously, their gaming laptops were under their Ideapad lineup, which is the duplicate as most of their consumer lineup, but with latest branding of Legion, Lenovo is looking to proceeding into this lucrative market.

AMD Announces FreeSync 2: Easier Lower Latency HDR Gaming

Though they don’ t acquire fairly as even current control as video cards due to their slower revise cadence, one of the nicer innovations in the latest rare elderliness in the gaming hardware ecosystem has been variable brace displays. By beguiling displays off of a constant fortify proportion and instead coupling it to the frame rate, the government of gaming on the Computer has pass into a piece added pleasant, expressly in the irksome sphere between 30 and 60 frames per second. As it was NVIDIA to practise the basic ploy here in 2013, AMD one shot ended up rolling elsewhere their own variable refresh belief in 2015. Under the trade-mark brand FreeSync, AMD leveraged the VESA’

Raspberry Pi s PIXEL Linux desktop environment now available for x86 PCs

In a rather curious turn, he Raspberry Pi foundation has released an x86 Personal computer harbour of its PIXEL+Debian Linux desktop environment. PIXEL (which is a clunky backronym for Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight) is an extensively modified chronicle of the LXDE X11 desktop environment. It was originally released in Sept for applicability with Raspberry Pi single-board computers, but nowadays it's as well been packaged up for x86 PCs. You can boot your Windows or Mac Computer into the PIXEL desktop earth fair now, provided you so wish. Read 6 remaining paragraphs | Comments

Dell is making a convertible 13-inch XPS laptop with its edge-to-edge display

Building on the most original upgrade to the 13-inch XPS laptop, it looks akin Dell is approximately to arrange a 2-in-1 version. First spotted by Windows Central, a convertible XPS 13 with what looks conforming an Infinity Border blaze has appeared on Dell"s website. There are no other details yet, on the contrary if Dell builds on everything it got due with persist year"s impressive base it should be a contender if it appears at CES 2017. The XPS 13 that Dell introduced in 2015 was a colossal flash at the eventual of laptops. On account of then, Microsoft has accustomed manufacturers much amassed reasons to generate modular touch-friendly machines with its Surface Studio tech (the Surface Dial should be clear to other manufacturers to use, as chipper as any innovations that flow from it in.

Donald Trump says 'no computer is safe'

Donald Trump's presidential crusade was signal by verbal attacks on his opponents, with the candidate aiming usual criticism at each from Ted Cruz to Hillary Clinton, from Megyn Kelly to Gold Star dad Khizr Khan. Nevertheless promptly he's got a brand-new item for his complaints: the hesitant computer. Speaking to reporters during his Modern Year's Previous evening banquet at the exclusive Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, Trump addressed the thorny issue of cybersecurity. "I'll blow open you what: no computer is safe, " he said. "I don't dismay what they say." It was better, Trump said, to cause matters "the old-fashioned way" whether you wanted licence security.

Evidence of Russian malware found on US electrical company laptop

A utilities partnership in Vermont has detected evidence of Russian malware, according to a announcement this evening from The Washington Post, which cited nameless US officials. The decree is said to be connected to a Russian hacking outfit the US governance has named Grizzly Steppe. Russian malware was institute on one laptop not connected to the grid According to the company, succeeding revealed to be the Burlington Electric Department, the statute linked to Grizzly Steppe was get going on fair-minded one laptop, and the notebook wasn"t connected to the electrical grid - allaying earlier fears that Russian federation had hacked into the nation"s electrical grid.

Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN1080 SFF PC Review: A Premium Gaming Powerhouse

Gaming systems and little form-factor (SFF) PCs have emerged as blaze spots in the desktop PC market that has been adult to severe challenges recently. Diverse vendors have tried to combine the two, but space constraints and power concerns have ended up limiting the gaming performance of such systems. Zotac, in particular, has been bona fide active in this space with their E-series SFF PCs. Earlier this year, Zotac released the ZBOX MAGNUS EN980 with an Intel Core i5-6400 and GTX 980. Within a short day of its arrival in the market, Zotac has released the updated EN1080. In addition to slight alterations in the motherboard design, the CPU and GPU have also been upgraded to the Core i7-6700 and Pascal-based GTX 1080.

Calyos NSG Cube: Passively Cooled SFF PC with Intel Core and GeForce GTX 1060

Calyos plans to demonstration its first passively cooled limited form-factor gaming PC at CES early succeeding month. The NSG Dice promises to pack an Intel Core processor as well as a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card to hit a decent equivalent of performance in games by a system that produces truly no noise. Apart from performance, a lot of gamers at once want computers in compact form-factors and even more cats thirst for their systems to be quiet. Developers of explanation components of PCs fathom their customers, which is why companies akin AMD, Intel, NVIDIA introduced also power-efficient CPU and GPU architectures as well as SFF designs in the contemporary years.

Kaby Lake Systems With Intel Optane SSDs Coming Soon

Lenovo's report today of a new lifetime of ThinkPads based on Intel's Kaby Lake platform includes mini but tantalizing mention of Optane, Intel's trade-mark for devices using the 3D XPoint non-volatile flashback technology they co-developed with Micron. Lenovo's contemporary ThinkPads and competing high-end Kaby Lake systems will credible be the headmost appearance of 3D XPoint remembrance in the consumer PC market. Several of Lenovo's newly announced ThinkPads will pitch 16GB Optane SSDs in M.2 2242 conformation element paired with exhausting drives as an alternative to a using a single NVMe SSD with NAND luminosity recollection (usually TLC NAND, with a collection used as SLC cache).

GIGABYTE's New Console: The 'Gaming GT' PC Launched with Core i7-K, GTX1080, TB3

GIGABYTE has quietly announced its just out tiny form-factor computer designed for performance-minded gamers. The contemporary SFF Computer not onliest packs high-performance components, such as the latest-generation CPU and GPU, however it uses desktop-class components and could be upgradeable. High-performance PCs in cramped form-factor are not unusual nowadays: assorted Machine makers manipulate animated CPUs and GPUs to generate such systems. Such computers testify to high-performance out-of-the-box, on the contrary their upgrade strategy is tricky owing to it is not evident to pay for MXM GPUs or moving CPUs in retail. When developing the GIGABYTE Gaming GT desktop (GB-GZ1DTi7-1080-OK-GW and technically this Personal computer belongs to the Brix family), engineers from GIGABYTE wanted to discover a product that could capitalization widely available processors and graphics cards and thus potentially approach an upgrade course of action to the owners.

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