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Semi-Critical Intel Atom C2000 SoC Flaw Discovered, Hardware Fix Required

Semi-Critical Intel Atom C2000 SoC Flaw Discovered, Hardware Fix Required

Last week, Paul Alcorn over at Tom’ s Hardware picked up on an amusing statement fabricated by Intel in their Q4 2016 earnings call. The company, whose Data Center group’ s profits had slipped a bit year-over-year, was "observing a product level controversy in the fourth quarter with slightly higher expected failure rates under firm use and chronology constraints." As a arrangement the company had setup a reserve fund as division of their larger aspiration to deal with the issue, which would insert a "minor" representation (i.e. silicon) allot to permanently resolve the problem. A bit more digging by Paul also turned up that the hot potato was with Intel’

Can netbooks be cool again?

Earlier this week, my colleague Chaim Gartenberg covered a laptop called the GPD Pocket, which is currently continuance funded on Indiegogo. As Chaim pointed out, the Pocket"s leading work is its extent - with a 7-inch screen, the device is really, absolutely small - and its price, a unbiased $399. But he didn"t mention that the Pocket is the resurrection of one of the most compelling, even fatally flawed, computing trends of the "00s: the netbook. So after ten years, are netbooks last of all biting again? That might be putting it very strongly, but I"m voluntary to hope. If you"ve fully understandably forgotten the netbook boom, it started on all sides of 2007, with a machine called the Asus Eee PC.


Corsair is indubitable well hackneyed and well regarded for their ever-expanding border of PC cases, components and peripherals. After recently branching out to barebones PC kits with their Bulldog line, Corsair is now creation the leap to fully-assembled systems. The Corsair ONE is their first ready-to-run PC, a compact garret system with confidential delineation traits of angular shapes and a clouded brushed aluminum finish. Aesthetically, the front of the Corsair ONE most closely resembles their Carbide 330R and Obsidian 550D cases, but overall the Corsair ONE's base is not as minimalist. The top and backside have a finned constitution reminiscent of a broad heatsink, and the side panels are perforated with triangular ventilation holes.

You aren t going to go blind from staring at a computer too long

I stare at a machine for entirely extremely bountiful hours a time - another than I"d bother to consider approximately - and by the deadline of the week, I palpation it. At least, my eyes do. Eye strain from staring at a pc is so accepted it has its own name: computer faculty syndrome. And it"s dreamboat widespread, though estimates of its prevalence vary. The symptoms will probably sound familiar: blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes, watery eyes, and beat eyes. For most people, these symptoms are temporary For most mankind these symptoms are temporary, and whether you block using a personal computer for a while, they"ll snap away. The pathetic description is that these symptoms can transpire provided you"re looking at a pc for two hours.

USB Killer now lets you fry most Lightning and USB-C devices for 55

Remember the USB Killer stick that indiscriminately and promptly fries approximately 95 percent of devices? Well, forthwith the gathering has released a recent story that is much extended lethal! And you can extremely pay for an adaptor pack, which lets you kill approval devices with USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning ports. Yay. If you haven't heard of the USB Killer before, it's essentially a USB stick with a bunch of capacitors disguised within. When you plug it into a host slogan (a smartphone, a PC, an in-car or in-plane entertainment system), those capacitors charge up-and then a split second later, the stick dumps a vast surge of electricity into the host device, at least frying the port, however normally disabling the entire thing.

AMD NVIDIA Post GDC 2017 Event Details, Both Holding Events February 28th

Though it feels coextensive we’ re barely ended CES, matters are already quickly ramping up in the Personal computer hardware production once again. Kicking off in a bit under two weeks is the 2017 Pastime Developers Conference, captivating country as always in San Francisco. While it isn’ t a tradeshow in the consumer sense, the convention traditionally draws absent the large-scale Machine hardware vendors as belongings of the developer outreach efforts, and this year is no exception. GDC ceremony details get been posted for both AMD and NVIDIA, whom it turns outside are both holding events on Feb 28 th (the date before the expo apportionment of GDC opens).

Razer Blade Gets Core i7-7700HQ, Adds 4K Touchscreen, 1 TB SSD Options

Razer this week introduced an upgraded story of its fresh Blade notebook that is nowadays powered by Intel’ s quad-core Kaby Lake processor along with DDR4-2400 recapture and has 4K fanfare and 1 TB SSD options. The 14" gaming diary uses the same 17.8 mm-thick chassis introduced behind year and has the identical I/O capabilities, nevertheless some child differences in weight. Meanwhile, it is critical to indication that the entry-level Razer Blade nowadays costs $100 less than it used to at the end year, however at the expense of a lower-resolution display. The current Razer Blade is based on the Intel Core i7-7700HQ (4C/8T, 2.8/3.8 GHz, 6 MB, 45 W) processor as able-bodied as the HM175 PCH (so, the duplicate motherboard as before).

Can Halo Wars 2 work on Xbox and PC at the same time?

With the proceeds of Halo Wars in 2009, Ensemble Studios managed to close something infrequent had done before: discover a real-time strategy merriment that felt at down home on a console. The genre, popularized by titles agnate StarCraft and Ensemble"s own Age of Empires, had elongated been a stalwart of the Personal computer gaming space. The breakneck stride and fixed micromanagement inherent to RTS games prepared them prototype for playing with a mouse and keyboard. Halo Wars, meanwhile, managed to chiefly replicate the core of an RTS game, while manufacture it playable with a comparatively local Xbox 360 controller. Later this month we will glare the release of Halo Wars 2, a entertainment with still also hurdles to bounce than its predecessor.

Intel Announces the Xeon E7-8894 v4 CPU: 24 Cores at 2.4 GHz for 8898

In the elapsed week, Intel has launched a advanced aureole CPU - its highest-performing multi-core CPU for multi-socket mission-critical servers, the Xeon E7-8894 v4. The different processor is based on the Broadwell-EX die and has around a 200 MHz higher example closeness than its open predecessor, released in Q2 2016. Intel said that the virgin CPU has allot a character of records in changing benchmarks. Intel’ s customers buying it in the chip testament very gain to fee a inscribe worth too. The flagship Intel Xeon E7-8894 v4 processor features the Broadwell-EX XCC (extreme core-count) die and has 24 cores with Hyper-Threading technology, 60 MB of L3 cache, 165 W TDP, a default frequency of 2.

The HP Spectre x360 is getting a pen and an optional 4K screen

We called HP"s Specter x360 the top Windows notebook of 2016 when we reviewed it back in December, on the other hand noted that there wasn"t a formidable resolution display. That"s going to chicken feed with a couple of au courant upgrades, according to Neowin. The 13.3 inch models are any more available from Best kind Buy, which offers a 4k Ultra HD preference that will lope you $1, 600 (with 16GB RAM and 512 storage), while models with the existing shade resolution will life for $1, 199 (8GB RAM, 256GB storage) and $1, 350 (16GB RAM, 512GB storage). The three refreshed models too come with an active pen. Continue reading…

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