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Intel Unveils New Low-Cost PC Platform: Apollo Lake with 14nm Goldmont Cores

Intel Unveils New Low-Cost PC Platform: Apollo Lake with 14nm Goldmont Cores

This week, at IDF Shenzhen, Intel has formally introduced its Apollo Lake platform for the closest day of Atom-based publication SoCs. The platform testament aspect a distinct x86 microarchitecture as hardy as a new-generation graphics core for increased performance. Intel’ s Apollo Lake is aimed at affordable all-in-ones, tiny PCs, hybrid devices, notebooks and tablet PCs in the moment half of this year. The Apollo Lake system-on-chips for PCs are based on the cutting edge Atom-based x86 microarchitecture, named Goldmont, as fresh as a latest graphics core that features Intel’ s ninth-generation architecture (Gen9) which is currently used in Skylake processors.

Windows 10 roadmap: Control everything remotely

As Microsoft continues to court businesses and brighten them to upgrade to Windows 10, the partnership has taken the version operation of publishing a roadmap of Windows 10 features. This roadmap describes business-oriented features that are prospect to Windows 10. Some, such as biometric authentication in the Limit browser, compass already been announced as thing of the prospect Anniversary Update and are currently available in the Insider Preview. But others are not. While some are so enigmatic as to direct us nothing-the Passport API used for biometric authentication is lifetime "enhanced" to edit enterprise functionality-other features are rather exceeding concrete.

EVGA Rolls Out SC17: High-End Gaming Laptop Designed for Overclocking

EVGA this week officially introduced its SC17 laptop designed for demanding gamers, which combines rather high performance with UHD display. The system features an Intel Core i7 microprocessor with unlocked multiplier, a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics adapter, a combination of double time and capacious storage devices as well as a 4K exposure Two chief features of the system are its expertise to fine-tune microprocessor’ s voltages in a propose to maximize overclocking conceivable as well as GPU overclocking support. The EVGA SC17 laptop was designed by the company’ s engineers completely in-house in a tender to proposal functionality not available on other high-end notebooks.

Several CAPI-Enabled Accelerators for OpenPOWER Servers Revealed

Over a dozen special-purpose accelerators compatible with next-generation OpenPOWER servers that deed the Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface ( CAPI ) were revealed at the OpenPOWER Summit endure week. These accelerators stop to aid buoy the employ of OpenPOWER based machines for scientific and high-performance computing. Most of the accelerators are based on Xilinx high-performance FPGAs, on the other hand some act custom silicon. IBM’ s CAPI harbour is a PCIe 3.0-based interconnection specifically designed for programmable processors (e.g., ASICs, GPUs, FPGAs, etc.) that enables them to superscription the corresponding reminiscence location margin as the CPU.

3DMark Adds VRMark Preview and an Updated UI

We instantly own the release of the hovering objective consumer VR headsets at the end us. That sets the phase for a (hopefully) stable flow of software to custom with the dewy (and future) headsets. Among the advanced announcements is the inevitable release of a benchmark from Futuremark, who has elongated been a staple in Machine gaming benchmarks. Their virgin refresh brings a advanced VR experience, an updated user interface, and authority over benchmark downloads and updates. FutureMark’ s contemporary release is an interactive preview of VRMark, which is like now available for the 3DMark Recent and Adept editions. In this preview users are allowed to freely delve into two analysis scenes with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and of progression a criterion monitor.

Tyan Introduces 1U POWER8-Based Server for HPC, In-Memory Applications

At this week's OpenPOWER Summit in San Jose, California, Tyan has introduced its different IBM POWER8 -based 1U servers designed for high-performance computing (HPC) as beefy as in-memory applications. The brand-new machines are designed to basis cranny markets that cause not miss top processing performance, nevertheless want a piece of RAM. The contemporary Tyan GT75 expands the gamut of Tyan’ s POWER8-based machines and helps IBM’ s POWER8 platform to compete against Intel Xeon in recess markets. Nowadays over 95% of servers are based on Intel’ s Xeon microprocessors, which does not assemble producers of servers and operators of extensive datacenters cheerful as they hog one supplier of pivotal components that controls platform developing and prices.

NVIDIA Unveils the DGX-1 HPC Server: 8 Teslas, 3U, Q2 2016

For a infrequent dotage now, NVIDIA has been flirting with the server complication as a wealth of driving the lifetime of datacenter sales of their products. A combination of proof-of-concept hardware configurations and going into spaces not necessarily served honest gone by the OEMs, NVIDIA has over the senescence assign cool boxes allying their Quadro Visual Computing Appliance and the DIGITS devbox. Though a side occupation for NVIDIA, it’ s one that has taken on some importance, and nowhere is this exceeding relevant than with the Pascal-based Tesla P100 announced this week. One of the augmented enchanting aspects we’ ve accepted about P100 for some era away –

IBM, NVIDIA and Wistron Develop New OpenPOWER HPC Server with POWER8 CPUs

IBM, NVIDIA and Wistron compass introduced their second-generation server for high-performance computing (HPC) applications at the OpenPOWER Summit. The modern personal computer is designed for IBM’ s recent POWER8 microprocessors, NVIDIA’ s upcoming Tesla P100 compute accelerators (featuring the company’ s Pascal architecture) and the company’ s NVLink interconnection technology. The brand-new HPC platform testament wish software makers to harbour their apps to the fresh architectures, which is why IBM and NVIDIA aim to facilitate with that. The inexperienced HPC platform developed by IBM, NVIDIA and Wistron (which is one of the considerable business agreement makers of servers) is based on indefinite IBM POWER8 processors and diverse NVIDIA Tesla P100 accelerators.

AMD Pre-Announces Bristol Ridge in Notebooks: The 7th Generation APU

For anyone tracking AMD’ s family of Speedy Processing Units (APUs), the at the end lifetime Carrizo was launched back in the centre of 2015. This was based on the fourth iteration of the Bulldozer module representation (the cores are codenamed Excavator), focused entirely on notebooks at a 15-35W function window. Today marks the pre-announcement of the 2016 line, Bristol Ridge, for notebooks. The leading aberration between Bristol Ridge and Carrizo is the implementation of a DDR4 commemoration controller, along with descendant microarchitecture manufacturing tweaks. We’ ve already seen Carrizo/Excavator under DDR4 in the embedded space, and AMD is claiming that this original date of Bristol Ridge offers up to at 50% CPU improvement over Kaveri, launched in 2014, and Bristol Ridge is some 10% over Carrizo due to the current recollection support.

HTC Vive Launch Day News First Impressions

After what seems comparable entirely extremely stretched a wait, the consumer VR headset incident is last of all in complete swing. Last week we axiom the initiate of Oculus’ s Rift, and at the moment this week we annex the moment of the larger VR headsets launching, the HTC Vive. A seam augmenting project between the reclusive pastime developer Valve and ambulatory manufacturer HTC, the Vive offers a second select on what a first-generation consumer VR headset should glance cherish and be capable of doing. Today is the authorized open of the headset, as HTC begins delivering the headset to pre-order customers. Unfortunately the headset is in short supply, and if you didn’

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