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Apache bug leaks contents of server memory for all to see-Patch now

Apache bug leaks contents of server memory for all to see-Patch now

(credit: Hanno Böck ) There's a bug in the widely used Apache Interlacing Server that causes servers to leak pieces of arbitrary commemoration in a contrivance that could expose passwords or other secrets, a freelance reporter has disclosed. The vulnerability can be triggered by querying a server with what's admitted as an OPTIONS request. Approximative the better-known Amuse and Assign requests, OPTIONS is a type of HTTP manner that allows users to arbitrate which HTTP requests are supported by the server. Normally, a server will respond with GET, POST, OPTIONS, and any other supported methods. Under sure conditions, however, responses from Apache Net Server encompass the news stored in pc memory.

Prices of Intel s Coffee Lake-S CPUs Published: 400 for Core i7-8700K?

An online retailer in the UK has started to proceeds pre-orders on Intel’ s upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs, specifically the socketed 'S' parts for desktop computers. As reported previously, the brand-new processors will hold enhanced cores than their regulate predecessors, on the contrary if the published pre-order prices are licence (and are not inflated on account of of their pre-order nature) then Intel’ s fresh chips will also keep higher MSRPs than the company’ s existing products. Lambda-Tek, the UK retailer, is currently captivating pre-orders on six Coffee Lake CPUs which are expected to hit the market in the prospect weeks.

Porsche s all-electric Tesla rival could cost less than 100,000

While automakers hog been not-so-quietly forging promises to grip up to the likes of Tesla when it comes to electric vehicle range, a sports vehivle maker may be the ahead to beat the startup at its own game. A industry story of the 2015 Porsche Undertaking E electric concept is scheduled to potency on sale at the boundary of 2019, with a worth expected to dawn in the $80, 000 - $90, 000 range, according to CAR Magazine. Speaking at the end week at the International Engine Fanfare in Frankfurt, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume says the Aim E will glad eye "very close" to the impression presented two second childhood ago at the show. Smaller than Porsche"s other four-door car, the Panamera, the society says it is intended to bridge the hole between that vehicle and the 911 sports car.

The HP S700 And S700 Pro SSD Review

HP is not a well-known alias in the retail SSD market, but as a above PC OEM it's not further surprising to clock them producing their own SSD models based on third-party controller solutions. The HP S700 and S700 Pro SSDs use Micron 3D TLC NAND and Silicon Movement controllers, but have undergone tuning and expressing QA from HP in an energy to come across them an contour over earlier drives from other vendors that are using the same basic formula.

NVIDIA Ships First Volta-based DGX Systems

This Wednesday, NVIDIA has announced that they have shipped their first commercial Volta-based DGX-1 system to the MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science (CCDS), a Massachusetts-based trial organization focusing on AI and tool learning applications in healthcare. In a sense, this serves as a generational upgrade as CCDS was one of the first analysis institutions to capture a Pascal-based first procreation DGX-1 last December. In addition, NVIDIA is shipping a DGX Station to CCDS next this month. At CCDS, these AI supercomputers will advance to be used in practice immersed neural networks for the tendency of evaluating medical images and scans, using Massachusetts Universal Hospital’

Philips Preps 328P6AU and 328P6VU: 31.5 Professional LCDs with QHD, UHD, HDR, USB-C

Philips announced two licensed displays with HDR back at IFA earlier this month. The dissimilar 328P6AU and 328P6VU monitors attempt QHD and UHD 4K resolutions respectively, while both monitors side broad colour gamuts (which way higher-than-sRGB) as hardy as USB Type-C inputs, in accordance with advanced bazaar trends. The monitors testament be aimed at the alpine bound of the market, nevertheless are not going to to be as well expensive. The cardinal of the brand-new P-series displays to arrive is the Philips 328P6AU (pictured). The recorder is based on an IPS-ADS panel with a 2560× 1440 resolution and can hit 400 nits in brightness. Philips says that the 328P6AU exhibit can reproduce 98% of the AdobeRGB color gamut (and thus it is unharmed to add that it can embrace 100% of the sRGB), on the other hand it does not blab anything beyond that.

Avast! There s malware in that CCleaner software update

Enlarge A software packet refurbish for a Windows advantage product distributed by antivirus vendor Avast has been spreading an unsavoury surprise: a malware carton that could grant affected computers to be remotely accessed or controlled with what appears to be a valid signing certificate. The malware, which was distributed wrapped up the rejuvenate server for the Windows cleanup work CCleaner, was apparently inserted by an attacker who compromised the software "supply chain" of Piriform, which was acquired by Avast in July. There get been extended than 2 billion downloads of CCleaner worldwide, so the dormant contact of the malware is huge.

Raja Koduri, Head of AMD's RTG, to go on Sabbatical until December

Late at the end night, PC Perspective confirmed rumours that Raja Koduri, AMD's Radeon Technologies Assembly (RTG) Senior Vise Head of the state and Manager Architect, is to birr on sabbatical. Sourcing Raja’ s internal mail to the RTG team, he will be bewitching permit from September 25 until an unspecified lifetime in December, to spend period with his family. Dr Lisa Su, AMD's CEO, will leadership RTG in the interim. As reproduced by Ryan Shrout, Raja’ s send is as follows: RTG Team, You haven’ t heard from me collectively in a while – a symptom not one of the whirlwind of launching Vega, but simply of the vast digit of demands on my epoch thanks to the formation of RTG.

The Chuwi LapBook 12.3 Review: Premium Feel, Budget Price

Every once in a while, we influence surprised. It seems to be a infrequent article in this industry these days, but it does still happen from day to time. The Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 was one such surprize when we reviewed it earlier this year. Chuwi hasn’ t been enclosing for a extensive time, but in one fell swoop, they forever changed the expectations on a budget laptop. Just components, coupled with a crack IPS display, immediately changed the expectations on any budget offering from the colossal PC makers. So far, they’ ve not in fact responded, and the LapBook 14.1 is easily the top pick for anyone wanting a 14-inch notebook for not a collection of money.

Best laptop deals on Apple, HP, Dell, and more of the week s tech sales

Mid-September is typically a slow clock for deals, as Labour Date promotions keep come and out and there"s not a group of sales happening. This week we rounded up 12 deals that we are disturbed about, including indefinite notebooks under $1, 000. Computing HP 8th Lifetime Intel Products : Satisfy $100 off all 8th gen Intel devices, including the Specter and ENVY x360 laptops, with rule 8GEN100. Deal ends Sept 23rd. Apple 13.3-Inch MacBook Air (Mid 2017) is $100 off at B&H (now $899). ASUS 14-Inch ZenBook UX430UA Notebook is $50 off the cutting edge design (now $799 at B&H). Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop is $150 at Dell, away $749.99 with free ride shipping until Sep 24th.

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