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Philips Readies Curved Ultra-Wide 492P8 Display: 49 , 32:9, USB-C, Sub- 1100

Philips Readies Curved Ultra-Wide 492P8 Display: 49 , 32:9, USB-C, Sub- 1100

Wrapping up our IFA coverage, at least week's commerce array TPV demonstrated a preproduction novel of its upcoming ultra-wide (32:9 angle ratio) 49" Philips display. The 492P8 detector will bear something in familiar with Samsung’s C49HG90 introduced earlier this year, but it will decrease quantum dots and a amount of other features. A fine material is that it will fee less, at a immature over $1000.

Over the preceding infrequent chambers companies liking Philips, LG, Samsung, JapanNext and some other chalk up introduced computerDesktop,laptop,server,Ultrabook displays with diagonals significantly exceeding 30" – 34", setting a current trend for ultra ample monitors. Separately, ASUS, Dell, Samsung, LG and other annex launched LCDs with a 21:9 attribute ratio, setting another trend, this hour for ultra-wide monitors. Differential suppliers of monitors cause their ultra-large LCDs at colorful audiences, but it is light that these broad and/or vast displays are not recess products, but equate latest marketplace trends. Life one of the largest maker of LCD panels in the world, Samsung recognized both trends early sufficiently and this year introduced the world’s antecedent mass-market scanner with a 49" diagonal and an ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio.

Samsung gave the backlighting on its C49HG90 a quantum fleck treatment to expand its colour amplitude to 95% of the DCI-P3, while besides equipping it with AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology and increasing its maximum enliven standard to 144 Hz in succession to domicile the alpine butt end of the gaming market. At present, the show is absolutely one of the most fresh and expensive ($1499) gaming monitors in the industry. Meanwhile, gamers are not the peerless sort of users, who can boon from a massive ultra-wide screen. There are users of multi-monitor configurations in finance, engineering, design, audio/video industry and other industries, who would gladly swap two displays for one ultra-wide one or four LCDs for two. Apparently, Philips plans to residence these industries with its upcoming 492P8 monitor. The society confirms that Samsung is the supplier of its 49" 32:9 panel, but inured the truth that this is a rather vocation product (there are not a portion of family who keep enough interval for a 49" recorder on their desks at at ease or in office), it is highly practicable that Samsung will endure the alone producer of such panels for a while.

As the designation implies, the Philips 492P8 belongs to the brand’s P-line offerings aimed at professionals. Although Philips has demonstrated the 492P8 in step at IFA, the firm is not releasing the monitor's organic specifications decent yet, as some matters may nickels between the now prototype and the ending product. Nonetheless, the basic details approximately the arrayal panel itself are already known: a 3840x1080 resolution, up to 600 nits brightness, up to 5000:1 contrast ratio, 178º/178º vertical/horizontal viewing angles, 1800R curvature and so on. Unlike Samsung, Philips will not be using QLED backlighting to come around color gamut, citing the at variance intent audiences. For the identical reason, pinnacle brightness could be community and owing to we cause not accept the final specs of the 492P8 at hand, we'd rather not speculate about the specifications of the observer itself.

Connectivity capabilities of the Philips 492P8 contemplation rather good: the watchdog has a DisplayPort, an HDMI port, a USB Type-C input, a D-Sub connector, as hearty as a built-in dual-port USB 3.0 and an Ethernet hub (the USB-C acts adoration an upstream harbour for both). The presence of the D-Sub looks a bit odd, but it could be used to connect an further pcComputer PC and bravura its output in picture-by-picture (PBP) or picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. In addition, there are two 3.5-mm audio connectors for headphones and a microphone.

Philips Ultra-Wide 49" Display
Panel 49" VA
Native Resolution 3840 × 1080
Maximum Invigorate Rate unknown
Response Time unknown
Brightness up to 600 cd/m² (?)
Contrast up to 5000:1 (?)
Backlighting LED
Viewing Angles 178°/178° horizontal/vertical
Curvature 1800R
Aspect Ratio 32:9 (3.56:1)
Color Gamut sRGB
Dynamic Brace Degree Tech unknown
Pixel Pitch 0.312 mm²
Pixel Density 81.41 PPI
Inputs 1 × DP
1 × D-Sub
2 × HDMI
Audio 3.5 mm input and output
USB Hub 2 × USB 3.0 Type-A connectors
Ethernet 1 GbE port
MSRP Euro 899/$1077 (preliminary)

Philips plans to bring the 492P8 to the mart sometimes in Q2 adjacent year and intends to sell the unit for about Euro 899 ($1077). Worry in genius that we are at least a half of a year out from the engender of the 492P8, some specs and/or MSRP may alter due to distinct circumstances.

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